Android screen For BMW 3 4 Series CCC CIC NBT EVO


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What are the main features of the Android Screen for BMW?

The Android Screen for BMW comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB ROM, and runs on Android 13. It features a 10.25 or 12.3-inch touch screen with a super HD resolution of 1920×720 pixels. It offers wireless and wired CarPlay and Android Auto, supports original and aftermarket cameras, has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0, and can accommodate a 4G/5G SIM card for network connectivity.

Is the Android Screen compatible with my BMW?

The compatibility of the Android screen will depend on the specific model and year of your BMW. Please verify the compatibility with your vehicle’s system and screen size before purchasing.

Can I use my factory-installed reverse camera with this screen?

Yes, the Android screen can decode the original car camera to display it on the new screen. If your car does not have an OEM factory camera or you want to upgrade, you can also install an aftermarket AHD reversing camera.

Does the Android Screen support split-screen functionality?

Yes, it supports split-screen functionality, allowing two functions to work simultaneously. However, note that some third-party apps may not support this feature due to conflicts.

Will installing the Android Screen affect my car's warranty?

The Android Screen is designed not to damage the OEM harness, so it should not affect your vehicle’s warranty. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your dealer or manufacturer to confirm.

What kind of navigation apps can I use with this screen?

You can use any GPS navigation software that is compatible with Android OS, such as Sygic, IGO, Navitel, Waze, and Google Maps.

Can I connect my phone to the Android Screen for music and calls?

Yes, the screen has Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 for hands-free calling and music streaming. You can stream music from apps like Spotify and Pandora with high fidelity quality.

What are my options if I want to use a SIM card for connectivity but am in North America or Japan?

The 4G chip may not be compatible with North American and Japanese frequency bands. You can still use built-in WiFi or connect to a network hotspot via WiFi for online navigation, video, and music streaming.

Does the screen have any special display features?

The screen comes with Blu-Ray-Anti-Glare and Anti-Fingerprint technology, offering a clear and high-quality display even under various lighting conditions.

Can I use my existing car controls with the new Android Screen?

Typically, these screens are designed to retain the use of your car’s original controls. However, the extent of compatibility may vary based on the model and year of your BMW.
Additional information

Additional information

Screen Parameters

12.3inch Blu-ray screen, 10.25inch Blu-ray screen

Applies to

1/2 Series(2011-2017)NBT, 1/2 Series(2018-2019)EVO, 1 Series(2006-2012) CCC, 1 Series(2006-2012) CIC

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wahid Miah

Its a definite upgrade from my stock. Touch screen and works with iDrive.
*As someone who thinks big purchases through, well spent.*

William Cope
Screen works great.

Customer service is great and very fast to help. Needed an update and was having issues with it but through email back and forth they were able to resolve the issue

Patrick C. Williams
Nice display upgrade for the price.

Glad this screen upgraded my car!

Install not too difficult.

Looks great, like OEM. Carplay is pretty simple and generally comes right up automatically every time I start my car. Also, all my steering wheel, siri, and controll knob buttons work perfectly.

Screen looks nice and it was snappy and touch sensivity is decent.

It's definitely a very good upgrade that you can make to the car. The screen is very good, big and with very sharp and nice resolution. It's like having a mini Android tablet on your dash. Very well integrated, seamlessly looking as if it were from factory.